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Product Code: ITD2.F7


Product Description

Featuring a translucent layer, making it suitable for light boxes without diffusers, ILFOTRANS is a professional high-speed colour film designed for optimum performance in large format digital enlargement devices yet can also be exposed with analogue exposure and LED enlargement devices*.

ILFOTRANS has been developed for the high-end, commercial backlit display market to ensure both brand specifiers and production houses alike have the opportunity to benefit from displays that pop with eye-catching clarity and superb colours.

To create the maximum impact with a backlit display it is imperative that the D-max is as high as possible. With ILFOTRANS, blacks are very deep and the white is brilliant for maximum contrast and tonal range proving there really is no substitute for a traditional silver halide backlit display.


Advertising and point of sale in backlit displays (without diffusers)

*ILFOTRANS is designed for the short exposure times used with digital printing units. It is suitable for some analogue applications, but will not print at the same speed or colour balance as papers designed for optical exposure.

Technical Specification

Printer TypeRA4 digital enlarger, RA4 analogue SurfaceGloss
Opacity>72% Caliper210 micron (8.5mil)
Media TypeFilm

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Roll 50.8cm x 50m (20" x 164ft)
Roll 76.2cm x 50m (30" x 164ft)
Roll 101.6cm x 50m (40" x 164ft)
Roll 105cm x 40m (41.3" x 131ft)
Roll 127cm x 40m (50" x 131ft)