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Product Code: ILD2.1K


Product Description

ILFOFLEX features a premium quality, brilliant white 7mil polyester base that offers maximum tear resistance and exceptional dimensional stability, essential for point of sale material. 

As a professional high-speed colour material, specially designed for optimum performance in all leading digital enlargement devices, ILFOFLEX is coated with an extremely high gloss surface and is capable of producing stunning, high definition images for photographic and exhibition displays.

Redefining the standard for point of sale material, ILFOFLEX complements any premium branding campaign requiring stunning image reproduction and high-end visuals, ensuring success in today's high-definition market.


Produces super glossy digital prints for photo finishing, exhibitions, trade shows as well as point of purchase.

Technical Specification

Printer TypeRA4 digital enlarger, RA4 analogue SurfaceHigh Gloss
Opacity>99% Caliper185 micron (7.5mil)
Media TypeFilm

Product Support

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Roll 8.6cm x 150m (3.4" x 492ft)
Roll 10.2cm x 150m (4" x 492ft)
Roll 21cm x 75m (8.3" x 246ft)
Roll 25.4cm x 75m (10" x 246ft)
Roll 30.5cm x 50m (12" x 164ft)
Roll 50.8cm x 50m (20" x 164ft)
Roll 61cm x 50m (24" x 164ft)
Roll 76.2cm x 50m (30" x 164ft)
Roll 81.3cm x 50m (32" x 164ft)
Roll 101.6cm x 50m (40" x 164ft)
Roll 105cm x 40m (41.3" x 131ft)
Roll 127cm x 40m (50" x 131ft)