Product Code: ICD2.F7


Product Description

ILFOCLEAR is a professional high-speed colour film for use on light boxes with diffusers. It is, ideal for premium brands wanting to showcase products or services using high impact advertising or displays.

ILFOCLEAR is particularly impressive when presenting key messages with a high photographic content thanks to its stunning image reproduction capabilities that ensure pin sharp, beautifully saturated images.

To create the maximum impact with a backlit display it is imperative to have a low D-min and a very high D-max. ILFOCLEAR delivers just that with very deep blacks and brilliant whites for maximum contrast and tonal range.

Designed for optimum performance in large format digital enlargement devices, ILFOCLEAR can also be exposed with analogue exposure, digital laser and LED enlargement devices*.


Advertising and point of sale in backlit displays (with diffusers)

*ILFOCLEAR is designed for the short exposure times used with digital printing units. It is suitable for some analogue applications, but will not print at the same speed or colour balance as papers designed for optical exposure.

Technical Specification

Printer TypeRA4 digital enlarger, RA4 analogue Caliper205 micron (8mil)

Product Support

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Roll 50.8cm x 50m (20" x 164ft)
Roll 76.2cm x 50m (30" x 164ft)
Roll 101.6cm x 50m (40" x 164ft)
Roll 105cm x 40m (41.3" x 131ft)
Roll 127cm x 40m (50" x 131ft)