June 2012: Big ideas

After a year of preparation, I am finally ready to bring my big idea to life. I am going to build a walk-in camera that will be used to directly expose on ILFOCHROME photo media, creating prints measuring 50 x 80 inches. It’s going to be called the Chrome-Camera.

It’s exciting to be packing my things to leave from Germany to the ILFORD site in Switzerland but two things slow me down in the moment. One is the weather, as it is raining tomorrow. That means I cannot take all of the camera parts with me because some of the parts I need to carry on the car roof are made of wood. I will have to get the rest of the camera next week.

The other reason is birds. I keep my photo equipment and remnants of my former studio in storage in a vineyard in Germany, and for the third time this year the grasshopper warbler has built a nest inside and laid an egg. So every time I look for something, I have to give myself 10 minutes to get in and out so that I don’t disturb the birds breeding.


My big idea: a diagram of the Chrome-Camera



The camera is loaded into my station wagon to make the trip from my home in Germany to the ILFORD site in Switzerland




Birds nesting in my photo storeroom