Chrome-Camera Blog

by Heino Heimann

The Chrome-Camera is a joint project between ILFORD Imaging and German photography artist Heino Heimann. The finished camera will measure 6m in length, 2.5m in height and 2.5m in width and features a lens specially sourced by Heimann from Italy. The Chrome-Camera will be used to create prints measuring up to 50 x 80 inches on ILFOCHROME media, developed on site by ILFORD. Thanks to the size and quality of the materials used, the unique print result promises to have the optical powers of the human eye in terms of image sharpness and resolution.

The Chrome-Camera will be rented by international photo artists, who will have the opportunity to explore the creative potential of the camera and create prints on unique ILFOCHROME media. College and university groups from Switzerland and beyond are also invited to visit the ILFORD site to experiment with the Chrome-Camera and learn about direct exposure on ILFOCHROME.