Facilities & toll manufacturing


The manufacturing facility in Switzerland houses a highly advanced roll-to-roll multi-layer curtain coating operation. Water-based layer designs with up to 8 individual functional layers can be coated at high speed utilising low temperature multi-zone drying. Online monitoring and high cleanliness is guaranteed to ensure consistent optical and photographic quality.

The versatile web coating equipment can operate using a variety of substrates, from plastic films such as PE, PET and PC to a range of papers and metal films. The facility can coat on thicknesses from 25 microns to more than 500 microns. A team of experienced coating specialist chemists and engineers can adapt the design of a coating recipe to guarantee a consistent product that can be manufactured at optimal speed.

The facility also boasts a state-of-the-art, highly automated finishing facility. Converting and packaging is available for sheet and roll finishing in various sizes, widths and formats and ILFORD can supply a range of packaging and finishing options to meet customer requirements.

The high quality of the products and services that ILFORD offer is a key component that has given the company the competitive advantage in the marketplace. ILFORD is ISO 9000 certified and has complete traceability of all products through the entire manufacturing process. Every product that is coated and finished by ILFORD undergoes tried and tested quality control procedures at various stages of production to ensure the final goods meet the ILFORD quality standard that customers depend on. This includes rigorous and robust inspections for surface defect detection using infrared lasers and fine resolution cameras as well as visual inspections of full width test samples.

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