Environment & Safety


ILFORD has a green agenda that has become inherent in all areas of the business. ILFORD analyse the entire product life cycle to ensure that every opportunity to implement changes that are environmentally responsible is identified. The analysis includes evaluation of the raw materials components, the manufacturing processes, and how the product is used in the final application including disposal and recycling.

A major part of the electricity used at the manufacturing facility comes from renewable sources. ILFORD has reduced its CO2 emissions significantly over recent years and will reduce it even further to comply with the ambitious CO2 reduction targets of Switzerland. ILFORD is FSC and PEFC certified and source paper-based substrates and packaging material from controlled sources. With the introduction of ILFORD BioMedia customers can now print on media that can be disposed of responsibly without compromising on image quality.

Operating from a 300,000sqm fenced site housing 28 buildings, the ILFORD site in Marly, Switzerland is designed for secure, efficient and safe working. With its own water supply and dedicated electrical supply, the site has undergone independent risk analysis and conforms to Swiss requirements, standards and laws.

ILFORD provide high standards of safety including full training in the handling of nanoparticles, strict limits for airborne emissions (VOC), collection and treatment of wastes and safe storage of chemical substances.

ILFORD is proud to have an excellent track record in safety and security as well as a strong commitment to protecting the environment.