Development services & pilot facilities


ILFORD is known for designing products to meet specific customer needs and applications. A dedicated team of chemists and engineers manage design and development through the pilot facilities to ensure that the design meets the customer’s specification and is optimised for the manufacturing process.

The three step pilot process allows fast and efficient development of a range of applications or requirements including inkjet papers with a customised tint or finish, to custom made functional layers such as coated anti-reflective films for applications like lighting or displays.

The first step in the process is to optimise the single layers, which are applied layer by layer by hand to the substrate. During the second development stage these optimised layers are then designed into full multi-layer assemblies and are coated onto fully functional sample rolls at the pilot plant. The coated samples can then be used for a full customer evaluation. Once the product design has been accepted, it will then be further optimised on a second pilot machine that simulates the industrial coating parameters prior to full scale manufacturing. This process reduces the time to market and cost in material of a development appreciably.

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