Capabilities & Services

ILFORD has been manufacturing photographic materials for over 130 years and has built a reputation as a leader in both professional imaging performance as well as the development of new applications for the market. From the development of ILFOCHROME, the pinnacle of image quality, to the introduction of the professional range of GALERIE Prestige inkjet photo paper, ILFORD has been at the forefront of the imaging business delivering products to the professional market where image quality and permanence are paramount.

The complex technology needed to develop traditional silver halide products as well as professional inkjet photo products is a unique mix of disciplines that ILFORD has developed. The combination of an indepth understanding of material science, advanced knowledge of colour science and image performance coupled with precise and consistent multi-layer coating on film and paper has provided the experience and expertise for ILFORD to continually
innovate. In addition, the rapid and constant changes in imaging technology and the way consumers print their images has also acted as a catalyst for innovation in the science and technology which forms the fundamental basis of these imaging products.

In addition to developing its own brand, ILFORD have further extended these capabilities and services to offer specific programmes for blue chip business partners across a diverse range of industries. Applications include imaging, optical films, medical devices, sensors and functional films for industries as diverse as agriculture, packaging, energy technology, optics and consumer electronics.